Support YES WE Can! Youth Employment Scheme for ‘green futures’ rural development.  The best way to protect the Tansa Valley Geothermal Zone…

Aim:  To employ young Warli youths (18-30) year olds in restoration of the degraded environment by providing jobs and offering training opportunities for them in ‘green futures’ rural development.  This will give vocational skills, good work ethic, fair working practices &opportunities to the youth who either leave school early, or plan to migrate to the city.

Once skilled and empowered in farming, horticulture and other green industries we can develop and support economically viable opportunities for them.

Update:  Farm trainee Bhushan attends a 3 day course and brings back azolla, a wonder fern that gives nitrogen and other micro nutrition to the land…

Our trials begin.

Please help: Donate now for providing skills training, materials and resources to support the development of this social initiative.

Skills training this quarter:

  • Cow care training for Govind and Ladku, as Gulabi, is due to give birth in October.
  • Driving skills training for Kishor, our farm worker who joined us over 3 years ago.  Last year he went back to school to make up pn 4 years of missed education.  He has to retake maths in March.  In the meantime we aim for him to learn to drive so he can get his license, benefiting the community and the farm.
  • Organic farm managers training for Laxman and Bhushan.



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