Monthly on the farm – the last Saturday  in the month during the winter season.

Come for one class 4:30-7:30 pm or join from 9:30 am on Saturday until Sunday 4pm for weekend retreat. email: to register.

Year-end 2011 ‘yoga for the earth’ camping retreat run by Shivaloka 21st – 26th December.

Perfect natural health comes from lifestyle choices of healthy eating of foods offering the most vitality combined with other aspects of health such as eliminating toxicity from our cells and organs and doing appropriate exercise.  Eliminating toxicity is not just eliminating toxic food and medicines, but also breathing clean air, drinking clean water and reducing negative energies such as radiation from mobile phones and microwaves as well as toxic thoughts! Even our intentions and decisions about what we buy and how it has been made (fair-trade, natural materials) can have a positive impact on global consciousness which can increase prosperity and abundance of naturally occurring happiness.  A good website on eliminating toxicity can be viewed here.

A natural lifestyle can be integrated into a modern lifestyle through increasing awareness of ones body and mind.  Practising yoga offers a way to find harmony within, which can then radiate from you.

You can ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’

(Mahatma Gandhi) 

As part of our activities we offer yoga days/weekends in partnership with other local Guesthouses and Trusts.

We specialise in kriya yoga, hatha yoga, meditation and spiritual ecology,  combined with healthy eating and a naturpathic approach to life.  Combine this with organic farming and you have the ‘yoga of farming’!

Shivaloka offers unique ‘in the footsteps of the yogis’ tours of Maharashtra, predominantly aimed at Western visitors, pledge their profits to support the Saha Astitva eco-farm.

Contact us for more information on any of the above.