Yoga for the Earth

Yoga for the Earth takes place on the last Saturday each month from July 2011:  23rd july, 27th August , 4:30  – 7:30 PM   SAHA ASTITVA ECO FARM ‘Mother Earth is our Home’, Gorad Village, near Ganeshpuri, Thane District, Maharashtra.  Bring a tent and camp on the farm or stay in local B&B.

Or extend your stay and join as yoga retreat: 9:30 am Satutrday until 4:00pm Sunday.   Email us to register.

A retreat is planned on the farm in December 2011.  Contact us.

An inspirational introduction to practices that balance and connect the elements in our bodies and in the world around us.

Led by yoga teacher Kalyani Uppendahl from the UK this session takes us through gentle poses to balance the doshas and meditations to harmonise our selves through balancing the 5 elements and bring us into a healing relationship with ourselves and the earth inspiring each individual to unlock their full potential in life.

Yoga for the Earth is in 5 parts:
1. balance the doshas in the physical body through Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
2. balance the chakras
3. contemplation on aligning the inside and outside 5 elements
4. healing visualisation for balancing 5 elements
5. co-creating the world in which we wish to live based on the balanced 5 elements

workshops can be offered in Mumbai also. See YOGA FOR THE EARTH india.

Yoga for The Earth is offered in aid of Saha Astitva, a natural farming project in western India that is working to conserve the beautiful Tansa valley, create sustainable livelihoods for the tribal people and offer cultural exchange and mutual learning between West and East.

Donations are welcomed, but not required – please come and be part of the energy collective anyway!

See Saha Astitva’s  home page for more information on the project and click here for volunteering opportunities.

Yoga for the Earth is part of a series of events called Yoga for the Common Good, designed to introduce some of the rich and varied aspects of yoga not usually on offer in regular classes and to raise money for social and environmental action projects.