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Latest photo album 10th March 2013:

Our 1st event September 2012:

Despite heavy rain and postponement of 1 week, 20 Mumbaikers and 3 kids ventured out to rural India 70km to the north of the city to join our first pluck, cook and eat event.  The breakfast meeting point was in Ganeshpuri, where guests received organic lemongrass and jaggery tea; a savoury polenta with wheatgrass sprouts and sweet fruit porridge.  With a 4km journey ahead on broken roads, the kids and a few adults decided to brave the first shower and sit on top of the jeep.

After a briefing and a tour, the children cheerfully plucked bhindi in the wet fields.

This was followed by a cooking lesson from visiting Brazilian naturapath Zilda, who made interesting salad dishes with chick peas and adzuki beans, kala jeera rice from the farm was served.  Lunch was finished off with freshly squeezed sugar cane juice straight from the field!

What the guests thought…   “Thank you for such an amazing day out at your farm. Your (teams) focus, conviction and commitment to creating such an authentic experience for us all has really made a huge impact on me”

“I have already been speaking about your farm to many people and I eagerly look forward to your next session :-)” 

“I can’t tell you deeply healing and wonderful it was to be there for all of us. Thank you for creating such a special day!”

“It was a remarkable team effort in getting the facility up and running with all hands on the farm joining together. Everyone did their bit!

Even the day before Laxman molded a piece of granite and made the low dining table.  Rafael was an absolute star!  Even new volunteers began work with the event itself.  A great start to our organic lifestyle events!”  Saha Astitva team toasting with organic Sugar Cane Juice

Read more about the 8th September event including watching the films on our blog.

Rishi’s, a participant from Sulins, made some films on the day…

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