Saha Christmas

Give the gift of hope and life this Christmas…

Over 20 tribal farming families  are ready to form a growers co-operative in the precious Tansa Valley in India.

By doing so they will:

  • Grow healthy and nutritious organic food
  • Conserve an ecologically fragile area
  • Improve their family’s future and preserve their indigenous culture.

The alternatives are dire.  Slum migration, selling soil for brick making, rampant unsustainable development tearing up an ecologically sensitive and cultural heritage site.

You can change the world this Christmas.  Nominate an Eco-Conscious Gift for someone special:
  • Dig a well for much needed water $100 (Rs 5000)
  • Deliver a cart load of cow dung to fertilize their barren soils $50 (Rs 2500)
  • Offer a diesel pump $300 (Rs 15,000)  
We will send a picture e-card to your nominee, certifying the gift you have given them…

Here is what to do:

1.  Select your gift from the list above
2.  Click this link to send your donation in INR  in £ or USD $.  Enter the nominated gift, the name of the person and their email in a message.

If you don’t hear back from us in a timely manner please email us.

All donations are considered gifts to Saha Astitva’s global mission to be put to use where they can be most effective.

Building a real sustainable world, one by one.

“The only people who can change the world are people who want to. And not everybody does.” ― Hugh MacLeod