Proposal Environmental Impact

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The environmental impact after a three year period is:

1.Local land regeneration and soil fertility. Eco-system replenished. Self-sufficiency achieved. No inputs required in terms of external water, electricity, seeds and fertilisers/pest control.

2.Reduced environmental impact from migration to slums and polluting brick kilns of local community. Sense of future for the local community and eco-practices emerging.

3.Inspiration to major influences in India (and the West) that goes beyond farming giving a sense of how to address the huge environmental challenges of India through integrating Western and Indian skills. The project’s proximity to Mumbai means visitors can be easily received and shown a model of fully sustainable practices and livelihoods. A demonstration of harmonious integration between community and the environment.

After 10 years.. Similar projects are adopted throughout India as a means to tackle environmental challenges.

Making the Case: The five Big Environmental Issues facing India

Introduction * Goal * Current request for funding