Organic Lifestyle

Discover, Be Inspired, Rejuvenate

We aim to inspire naturally healthy, organic lifestyles.  We run one-day events and on-site tours, and for the more adventurous, some combine this with an overnight ‘camping in comfort’ adventurous experience.

The founders of Saha Astitva love living organically.  What does it mean to live organically?  Feel energised, be super healthy, super fit, and super conscious!  It’s good for you, the planet and society.  That’s win-win-win and maximum smile factor!

The farm offers a number of eco-friendly, open air, light-footprint facilities: reception, hall, meditation platform, kitchen and plush bathroom.  See Facebook pictures of a previous event…



  • Day-programmes on healthy organic lifestyle;  Bring a group for a ‘Pluck, Cook & Eat’ experience! See how food is grown, pick the food and participate in cooking in our Organic Jungle kitchen.
  • Small shop for organic products and local tribal crafts
  • Mountain & lake adventures / eco tourism by arrangement


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