Designing a solar power system

Thanks to Castle Climbing we are now underway in installing our solar power system.

Thanks to Jake and Michelle – two volunteers who designed a low cost proto-type solar oven


To install a full solar power system to meet all the farm’s power and pumping requirements.

This page pulls together the research.

Link to Energy Alternatives India

Planned Indian government subsidy

Solar News – India



4-8 outside lights – 50W 4 hours = 800 – 1600 Wh  or stand alone

10 ceiling fans high speed 40W 5 hours = 2000 Wh

1 small music centre/digital projector 100W 8 hours = 800 Wh sine wave inverter

12 inside lights @ 50 w each 3 hours per day = 1500Wh

3 lap top computers @ 40W/hour 8 hours = 960 Wh

how about solar laptop bags

check also tree Huggers

the above appliances require??? use one of the below 3 calculators…

power requirements calculator (1)

power requirement calculator (2)


1 pump for irrigation

optimal tilt for solar panels

check out this NGO..

add also hot water system
guide to solar living by John Shaeffer

designing a solar power system

solar water pump basics

our design of a solar over