MOFCA begins

On 8th November, the Saha Astitva Foundation, along with some like minded private farmers and other groups, hosted a progressive farmers organic farming meeting in Ganeshpuri with our mentor, the Gandhi of organic farming, Sri Bhaskar Save, his son Naresh Save and distinguished activist author Bharat Mansata as our VIP guests.  Read the inspirational speech of Bhaskar Save here.

Over 30 people attended from within a 150km radius of Mumbai, listening to Bhaskar Save’s simple message on the five principles of organic farming in the morning.  A unified decision was made to form a co-operative to share techniques and set up distribution for fresh produce to Mumbai.

One of the founders, Ubai Husein, is co-ordinating activities and contacts for the group.   The following is his summary to the Group:

“I believe that the ground is now ready to plant some seed; with proper care and attention the seeds (by means of our association) that will now be sown will turn into a large magnificent fruit bearing tree. Bhaskar Save speech was truly inspirational; I couldn’t have imagined a better start to the meet. I would like to mention that this group is being formed for the mutual benefit of all involved. No one individual / group of individuals stands to gain alone. I believe that we are all level headed, forward thinking individuals, who are thinking not only of ourselves and our families but also about the wellbeing of our neighbors, our community, humanity and the planet at large.  The efforts that are put into the group are to be realized by all involved, the greater the effort the more benefit for all”.