Mother Earth’s name….

How ‘Mother Earth is Our Home’ Eco-Farm was named…

A friend of the Saha Astitva Foundation was so moved by the songs recorded on  a CD by the pupils of the Learning Space Foundation, a supplementary educational school in Ganeshpuri, that she suggested the farm be named after one of the songs ‘Mother Earth is Our Home’.

You can hear the song on our You-Tube video.

We are teaming up with Learning Space to teach the children about nature and it’s delicate balance.  We aim to provide jobs for those interested in future careers in natural farming, cottage industry pursuits and marketing.  The seeds are planted…

Learning Space provides creative outreach activities to thousands of children in the rural area, as well as teaching English, Warli art, music and classical dancing to the immediate population.  This creative approach of teaching, in addition to the public curriculum encourages confidence and the blossoming of talent amongst many of it’s students.  The school has won several awards for it’s performances.

Visit the website of Learning Space Foundation.

The CD of the children singing was recorded after visiting musician Michael Turner from Australia was so moved by the activities of Learning Space, he began singing with them in English.  This proved to teach them the English Language, as well as providing inspiration to themselves and all that listen to the music.

Learning Space with musician Michael Turner