Newsletter Equinox March 2013

How we live our organic lifestyle…

Organic lifestyle means to us increasing our connection with the rest of nature (after realizing first we are nature)
Increasing consciousness of the impact our food has on our bodies
Increasing our consciousness about how our material decisions impact the earth, communities and ultimately ourselves;
choosing natural materials, aesthetic design etc.
minimising and reducing waste
growing our own food

Seeking solutions to modern day financial needs while improving health, nature and communities

Dean finds out there’s a different path than the one mainstream society teaches us
Deepa finds out that business can also be based on nature, in harmony with nature, oh and that humans are nature, so why are most currently disregarding it

Guillaume research a participatory approach for developing communities in a nature friendly way, based on the resources they have
Utsav builds a solar dehydrator

Rebecca brings fresh raw fermentation to the farm to find a way to use waste.  We try our the Farmers Market!  Try Rebecca’s kimchi recipe with th least of the murli

Nature Nose why companion planting and crop rotation assures successful continual organic growing

Daniel provides and organic oasis at the Kumbh Mela

Kalyani gets set to return to the UK and fund-raise for the farm through yoga-for-the-earth and selling amazing products from India!  Bringing a new dimension to the sun salutation and why this practice connects us to the cosmos!

Events: Analog Forestry – an economic solution to restoring depleted lands, providing organic food
Farm visits

Cow/cat power –  cats coming, cows growing and cats going…

Food facts: Fermentation…Rebecca explains why fermentation mimics organic farming

Growing update: We are currently in the sweltering summer season and enjoying spinach, red amaranth, dill leaf, fenugreek leaves, rocket, chowli, lettuce, waal, bringal, tomatoes, watermelons, onions, peanuts. A new banana nursery is under way.  Black chickpeas and murli are now over.

We are beginning our next project.

Recipe: We share our favourite kimchi recipe.