Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.08.11 PMTheir  programme in Wada located in The Tansa Valley aims to reinstate the custodians of the forests,thus protecting their ancestral heritage. The State Forest Department today, due to the lack of ground staff is unable to efficiently protect the forests under their jurisdiction. Tribal communities if sensitized could be the right choice to protect their ancestral heritage, thus making this venture a community based conservation effort.

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For the last few they have successfully worked with children and tribal communities and have been working towards change in four broad areas – Environmental Education for High Schools, Community Awareness, Alternative Livelihoods and Rural Solid Waste Management and now they are focused on  creating awareness for the need of organic farming as part of their environmental conservation education.

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This year the core team  Stalin, Kavita and Ahmed  are to partner with Saha astitva which serves as a centre for organic farming training and creating a rainwater harvesting  Pond in small hamlet in Wada in the Tansa Valley.

They have produced a short educational film using the traditional ‘story-telling’ method to encourage organic farming aimed at Marathi farmers.

Click to watch film:

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