Farm Manager in Maharashtra, India

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As part of our research into traditional organic farming, we are currently looking for a long-term (6 months +) International or Indian volunteer with experience of organic agriculture/horticulture.

This is a great opportunity with regards to:

  • restoring degraded land – making it fertile once again and productive for farming
  • working with a co-operative for veg-box scheme, managing growing schedules etc. in line with seasonal growing patterns
  • working with both our tribal workers and volunteers – flexible attitude essential!
  • adapting permaculture skills to this Konkan forest environment
  • being part of a broader programme of reinstating small-scale agriculture and horticulture to provide sustainable livelihoods for the local people (alleviating poverty and providing an alternative to industrial development) and using organic farming as a means of restoring biodiversity through linking green corridors

We currently have a cow and calf and looking at introducing bees.  We are currently installing a solar power system. Irrigation during the dry season is still to be sorted out.  We are also looking at seed-saving.  Inputs and availability of inputs are minimal.

In addition to our usual requirements for volunteers, you must have knowledge of organic farming/gardening/horticulture techniques and a willingness to work with both ancient Indian agriculture (Vedic) ideas and your own knowledge.  An appreciation of Bhaskar Save’s methods would be helpful.

You may be based in rustic accommodation on the farm (facilities currently being implemented) or in a village apartment.  You will be required to pay for your own sustenance for the duration of your position – at  Rs 250/£3.50/$5 per day.  Apply now

A Canadian volunteer working with vermicompost in May 2010